Thinking of starting your own business?

Maybe you have a prototype ready to go, but you’re not quite sure how to launch it. Or maybe you have an idea that you want to develop, but you’re not sure where to start. Either way, 

OMNI Innovation Club is here for you.

OMNI Innovation Club is a startup incubator, accelerator, and venture builder with a programme specifically designed to help you successfully launch the business of your dreams. You can be assured that our extensive network, experienced team, and pool of resources will take you to the next level. 



About Innovation Club Fribourg

With more than 10’000 students on Pérolles Campus, Fribourg has an enormous potential for student innovation. The high density of universities and different faculties make Fribourg an ideal environment for economic development through innovation and entrepreneurship. Many innovative students from different disciplines are accessible through the universities of Pérolles (HEG-FR, HEIA-FR, HETS-FR & HEdS-FR) as well as the University of Fribourg (including the Adolphe Merkle Institute).


We aim to leverage the mindset for innovative and/or entrepreneurial behaviors by empowering our members to become a better version of themselves.


Our mission is to inspire students to act by organizing events and workshops. We sensitize students to innovation and entrepreneurship. We connect students with a national and international network.

For more information about Omni Innovation Club, you may refer to their website:

SPRING (The Social Incubator by Lions CLub of Singapore Millennium) aims to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to design creative solutions to solve real-world issues. 


Network of Nurturers

Be mentored by our co-founders and industry partners, learn from them and apply these skills to grow your business.

Weekly Luncheons

Gain insights from experienced business speakers, and share updates about your progress with your peers.


Tap on the Club’s resources, connect with past alumni and welcome new innovators.

3-Month Programme Roadmap

Space Facilities & Office Studios 


Frequently Asked Questions  


What exactly is OMNI Innovation Club?

OMNIIC is an incubator, accelerator and venture building initiative that strives to build a community of innovative entrepreneurs. We love problem-solving business ideas and will be able to provide mentorship and direct connections to investors to turn these ideas into reality.

Will there be any funding for my business?

 Funding may be provided for business ideas and/or startups that meet our evaluation criteria. This criteria includes originality of business idea, business model feasibility, impact, and the dynamics of the innovators.

How will Covid-19 affect this program?

In line with safe management measures, we have enabled ourselves to host innovators virtually. This also allows us to accept international innovators to join our program and build their business remotely.

Are there any fees to be paid?

No fees are required! Innovators who are selected into our club’s program will also get free access to their own private office studios with facilities.

What happens after the program?

Innovators graduate after 3 months to be part of OMNIIC’s alumni. As part of the alumni network, innovators still get access to office facilities, and will be able to book appointments with our Nurturers for business advice.



For more information about Omni Innovation Club, you may refer to their website: